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YEARN Advantage by Sherrie Rose

Achieving Greatness - Mastering the 5 Core Values: The YEARN Advantage

'Mastering the 5 Core Values: The YEARN Advantage' is the comprehensive guidebook designed to elevate your life to new levels.

You'll learn how to master the five core values that successful people share, and how to leverage them to reach your goals.

Within the pages of this straight-forward book, you will gain valuable insights into the five core values that successful individuals universally embrace.

Embark on a journey through real-life examples and practical exercises to cultivate a growth mindset, strengthen your resilience, enhance your emotional intelligence, foster meaningful relationships, and optimize your time and resources.

Are you ready to harness your full potential and achieve greatness?

Learn how to leverage these 5 values to achieve your goals effectively while you strive for greatness. Maintain motivation, navigate setbacks, and stay on track toward your dreams. "The YEARN Advantage" is a valuable resource for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking personal and career growth. Discover the invaluable strategies and actionable advice packed within this book.

YEARN. To yearn is a deep feeling that can go beyond a simple desire or need and may encompass a profound longing for connection, purpose, or fulfillment. Central to the book is the concept of YEARN—an evocative term that encompasses a profound longing for connection, purpose, and fulfillment. Explore this concept as you uncover techniques and find answers to the deep questions that help you design a more meaningful life.

Begin your journey of self-improvement and tap into the boundless potential within you. "Mastering the 5 Core Values: The YEARN Advantage” is a simple yet profound overview that leads to a fulfilling life, offering practical ideas into a creative process that promises to empower your true potential.

Start reading now and discover the greatness that lies within you!

Contained within the pages of this book is a interesting word for a remarkable creative process that’s described in detail. You’ll uncover techniques and answers to the deep questions around experiencing a more meaningful life.

This book features a foreword by author Terri Levine, founder or the Heart-repreneur® Agency. who over four decades has helped coaches and consultants increase their impact, influence, and income.

THE YEARN ADVANTAGE is for the go-givers with strong character, the entrepreneurs and the changemakers who personally and professionally focus on continuous growth while striving to master the five core values. Your Authentic Yearning Is The Driving Force To Activate Greatness Within You!

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What’s in the Book?

  • CHAPTER 1: Personal Questions
  • CHAPTER 2: Business Questions
  • CHAPTER 3: Meta Business Questions
  • CHAPTER 4: Whose Life is it anyway?
  • CHAPTER 5: Where does it take Place?
  • CHAPTER 6: When does Action happen?
  • CHAPTER 7: What does Money have to do with it?
  • CHAPTER 8: Who do you Love?
  • CHAPTER 09: What is Mastery
  • CHAPTER 10: YEARN in Review
  • CHAPTER 11: Stories That Personify YEARN
  • CHAPTER 12: Through the Lens of YEARN
  • CHAPTER 09: Cycles
  • CHAPTER 10: Effort
  • CHAPTER 11: Understanding
  • CHAPTER 12: Hidden in Plain Sight
  • CHAPTER 13: Activate Enhavim
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Ask yourself these 5 questions

  • Whose Life is it anyway? Is it really yours?
  • Where does it take Place?
  • When does Action happen?
  • What does Money have to do with it?
  • Who do you Love?

Read this book to transform the ways you add true value into your life and relationships. Cultivate your own innate sparks of genius.

Let Your Authentic Yearning

Be the driving force to

Activate the greatness within you!